Porsche CEO drops plan for entry-level model

(Reuters) – German sports car maker Porsche (VOWG_p.DE)(PSHG_p.DE) has dropped plans to build a two-seater vehicle which would have been smaller and cheaper than its Boxster model, Stuttgarter Zeitung reported on Saturday, citing Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller.

Such plans would risk diluting the brand and alienate traditional customers, according to Mueller.

“We would do no good to the brand if we were to lose traditional Porsche customers” by pursuing a smaller Boxster model, the CEO was quoted as saying in an interview.

Mueller said Porsche also has no immediate plans to develop a smaller version of its four-door Panamera sedan, though he indicated that such a model could become an option in five or six years.

Porsche is aiming to increase annual deliveries to about 200,000 sports cars and SUVs by taking advantage of resources at Volkswagen. Europe’s largest auto manufacturer owns 49.9 percent of Porsche’s core business and is currently examining ways to purchase the remainder.

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17 Responses to Porsche CEO drops plan for entry-level model

  1. They would have lowered the value of the Porsche brand.

  2. Agree – already Boxter did harm the brand a bit when it arrived as did the 924.

  3. So what is next, a touring machine?

  4. A touring machine based on the sedan?

  5. I can imagine that a car like that would actually sell, a family Porsche!

  6. A family car with a 500HP engine – sweet!

  7. Maybe we could see a V12 engine!

  8. Dont you think that a V8 is enough?

  9. I dont care just build it!

  10. With four-wheel drive!

  11. översätt says:

    This could really become a macho car.

  12. Only available in black!

  13. No, just one colour is too little, wouldn’t work.